Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh my..

The craziest/funniest thing happened last night! SO.. We (Kjerst, Morgan, Angie and Myself) was planning to go have a fire with the boys (Ryan, Rylie, Jordan, and Cam) and I was so excited! :):) They had went up after practice found the perfect spot and got everything ready for the night.. Before we headed up we stopped and got some hot chocloate and some gas for the fire.. I think we all had hot chocolate spilled all over us because it was quite the bumpy trip getting up to this spot! haha So we finally get up there and we are all just hanging out.. Drinking our hot chocolate and jammin to music ha! SO FUN!
After a while we decided we was going to go back down and do something else but first Rylie wanted to use up all the gas.. everyone wanted Ry to throw the whole gallon of gas in the fire just to see what it would do.. but we knew that was not so smart and instead he just used most of it up by pouring alittle into the fire at a time.. We figured it would be okay to put the bottle in leaving some gas still in there. Little did we know that was not a good idea. The fire is starting to go down and it is getting cold so we all huddled around the fire. We are just talking when Ry picked up a rock, throws it in, and WOW.. haha It exploded onto Cam as well as Angie's pants! They were both on Fire!! It was the scariest thing!! Everyone was screaming while Ry and Cam was patting Angie's legs to try and get the fire out! It didn't seem to be working so Cam was like "take off your pants".. and she did haha They finally got it all taken care of and the poor girl was left standing there in her underwear! ha I'm just glad it ended the way it did and we didn't end up in the emergency room! It sure made the night much more entertaining and gave us all something to laugh about.. infact i still laugh just thinking about it! :):)

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