Thursday, July 24, 2008

Senior Trek

Senior Trek was a Blast! We went to Disneyland/California Adventures, The BeAcH, Knotts Berry Farm, The Angels Game, Blue Mans Group (Awesome!!), and Universal studios! We was so busy and i was so tired, but i didn't want it to end! Anyways here is just a few pictures..
Us and the Dog

Me and Aidaly..

Zo and I.. Best Friends!!

This picture is Fun! We took it while we was waiting for the rest of the crew.. everyone at Disneyland looked at us like we was Crazy!

So Fun!!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Senior Pictures

I had the best time taking all these pictures.. Tonya does such a good job at not only taking pictures but making it an AdVeNtUrE.. We went all over the place! Places i never thought of taking pictures at.. I don't think we stopped laughin! It was a fun day although I think all three of us was glad to finally be home!