Friday, September 26, 2008

The Pillsburry Dough Boy

So here is the story..
I was over to my friends apartment one night hanging out. One of her roomates have this HUGE teddy bear. I've seen some pretty big teddy bears, but this one beats them all by far. So we are just sitting there talking when all the sudden these boys fly open the door, grab the HUGE bear, and slam the door shut. Me and Crissa just looked at each other and started laughing. We knew how mad her roomate would be because she would dress up this bear, and tuck it in a night. Kinda Weird I know!! The next day I walked by Crissa's apartment and on the door was a randsom note. It had a picture of the bear blindfolded, and they was demanding something in order to get the bear back. ANYWAYS.. Me and my roomate Kjerst had seen this Cardboard Pillsburry dough boy hanging out of these boys window and thought it would be funny to do the same thing. So to go scope it out we went over to ask if they had some vanila cause we was making cookies. Sure enough dough boy was still in there. We went back to our apartment and tried to figure out the best way to steal it. We couldn't think of anything.. So we just kinda forgot about it and went out to get some food. Well when we drove back we passed their apartment. Their light was on and no one was in there. PERFECT!! We quietly opened the door, tippy toed in, and grabbed the doughboy. We made so much NOISE on the way out I can't believe they didn't come down the stairs. We brought it back to the apartment took TONS pictures, and wrote them a randsom note. Ha we told them we wanted cheese sticks from the BESTpizza place in town in order to get back dough boy. Come to find out it was the same boys that stole my friends roomates bear. It was so funny!! They finally came and stole the bear back from us without giving us the cheese sticks!

The Stomp!

"Stomp" here we come.. Me and Kjerstin decided we would go "dance the night away" at the Stomp.
By the time we left our legs hurt ha..
So before we left we decided to take all these funny pictures. She is such a cool girl! I'm so glad I have her for a roomate. We have so much in common and we always have so much fun when we are together :)
This is a really RaNdOm picture I'm not sure what we were doing.. Ha ha

We was having a great time taking pictures.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Snow College Cheerleading 2008-2009

The Cheer Squad
Cheer is Seriously so much fun! It is a lot of hard work but it is way worth it. We had our first game September 12th, and we ROCKED. We made it through the LONG game drentched, and Sunburnt..
Buster the Badger and Me..

The Freshmen

Special K and Bitter Bre

The FeLLas

The LaDIes

Wes and Me

Ah :) my favorite trish!

..My Room..

I finally got some pictures up of my room.. It is not much but it will due for now!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

College Life

College is so much fun.. At first I was hating life but I got use to everything and now it's not so bad. I have meant so many fun people. There is always somthing going on and it keeps me busy!
. Sklyer and Lee are Crazy..

We won the GAME.. :)
Ha Me and Kade

Western SWING here we come..

Every wednesday they have Western Swing night.. My first night i'm not going to lie i was Terrible!! I'm still trying to get the hang of it but i'm getting better.. It is a lot of fun!

Me and Kjerstin

My best friend Crissa and I